Sometimes when we buy a Mini Split we decide to install it ourselves, or maybe pay our handy neighbor to do it. Regardless, there are pretty common mistakes that amateur contractors make when it comes to Mini Splits. That’s why we recommend that it gets installed by a licensed contractor. Here are the most common mistakes.

Overlong refrigerant pipes: The pipes that connect the indoor and outdoor units of a central AC should be kept short. If an inexperienced installer puts in pipes that are too long, it will make it difficult for the air conditioner to complete the cooling cycle. This will lead to a compressor that runs continually, draining energy and rapidly wearing itself down.

Too much refrigerant: At the end of installation, the technician must fill the system with refrigerant (i.e. “Freon”). An AC uses a specific amount of refrigerant, and if the technicians puts in too much, it can wreck the entire system.


Not enough clearance: The outside condenser cabinet of an AC needs to have about 2 feet clear on all sides. This allows the fan to properly circulate air to cause condensation and the release of heat. If this unit is placed where it lacks sufficient clearance, the air conditioner will lose energy efficiency.

Too large/too small: Professionals use a special set of calculations to determine how powerful an air conditioning system need to be to properly cool a house—without being solarge that it continually cycles off and starts to deteriorate. You don’t want a non-professional to give you an undersized or oversized AC.


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