The Hero program is an energy efficient financing program that stands for Home Energy Renovation Opportunity. It provides financing for energy-efficient, water-efficient, and renewable energy products to home and business owners in approved communities within California, Missouri, and Florida.

How does it work?

Homeowners who meet the minimum criteria are eligible for financing through the HERO Program. Once a homeowner or commercial property owner is eligible for HERO Program financing, HERO finances 100% of the cost to purchase and install eligible energy saving products. The repayment of the financing is included in the property tax bills. Property tax payments that are made through an impound escrow account will be adjusted on the monthly payment by the lender.

Are all contractors qualified to install products financed through Hero?

No, only contractors registered with Renovate America and in good standing with the HERO Program can install products financed through HERO. Each state has different qualifications and requirements in order to register for HERO. Mirage Appliances is register through the HERO Program, making it an official contractor.

The HERO Program is different from other forms of financing because:
  •  It is designed specifically for home improvements that provide energy efficiency, water-conservation, renewable energy and hurricane protection.
  •  It is paid at a fixed interest rate through an additional line item on your property taxes.
  •  It is repaid through your property taxes.
  •  The interest on these payments may be tax deductible*.
  •  Approval for HERO financing is primarily based on the equity in the homeowner’s home and their debt payment history, rather than their credit score.

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