Dust regularly

Make sure that your ductless air conditioner is clean from the outside. If dust starts accumulating, find a way to the operating unit, which will have a direct impact on the functioning and operation of the system. Make it a weekly regime — wipe the exterior with a damp cloth or a safe chemical cleaner. Check whether the outdoor portions of the vents are both dust and debris free so that they don’t get clogged.

Leave some distance

Even though ductless air conditioner takes up less space, it would be ideal to leave ample distance around the unit to ensure its smooth functioning. Keeping furniture or any kind of shelving close to the unit will encourage the accumulation of dust around the unit. Keep a distance of at least four feet in every direction between the unit and other furniture.

Shut Off the System Before Cleaning

Along with the exterior, you need to clean the interior of the HVAC as well. However, before you start cleaning the interior, make sure you switch off the system completely. The exterior circuit switch and in-home components should be switched off to ensure that you don’t damage any component in the cleaning process or, worse, electrocute yourself. Allow the unit to cool after shutting  down and wait a while before switching it back on.

Keep the Filters Clean

Unclean filters lead to decreased efficiency and increased operating costs. You should clean the filters frequently to ensure that your air conditioning unit performs to its maximum potential. Carefully remove the filters and wipe them with a clean, dry cloth to remove the accumulated dust. You have to replace them if they cannot be cleaned properly or are damaged.

Clean the Coils

Clean coils are essential to carry out efficient functioning. Since debris and outdoor dirt can collect on this part, it is important that you keep it clean. Use your regular garden hose to spray the unit and ensure that the fins do not bend. Dust the final debris by hand and make sure that the unit is completely dried before you use it.

Focus on the Pipes

Pipes should be cleaned regularly as dust, dirt, and other particulates can accumulate in them and block the air from entering. This prevents the ductless air conditioners from working efficiently. Pipes and air ducts may develop cracks and leaks, which further affect their functioning.

Hire a Professional

Call professionals once a year and let them take a look at the unit. Even if you missed something critical, the professionals surely won’t. Make sure you opt for a reputed professional and check their reviews before calling them.

Follow these tips and you will enjoy a well-maintained ductless air conditioner. The unit will achieve high efficiency and enjoy a long life as well.

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